Website Audit

Website audit

With the increased frequency of algorithm updates by Google (some sort of algorithm updates happening every now and then), website audit is necessary for almost every website to ensure your website effectively evolves with Google’s ever-changing search algorithm. The website audit is primarily required to assess the site for any potential or existing issues, opportunities and challenges.

Doing website SEO audit is not an easy task and only few SEO providers having holistic perspective can do it the right way. Website audit has multiple parts and it needs to be examined comprehensively by various experts each specialized in their respective areas.

Profound Digital’s SEO audit service:

Our website SEO audit is broadly split into the following 3 major areas:
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Onsite Audit: Assess the onsite elements (e.g. site content, site architecture, internal link structure, design, Metas, schema tags, URL construction, page speed)

Effective Web Development Solutions

Technical Audit: Technical audit is performed to investigate and find out all the technical errors or problems that may negatively affect the performance of your website in the search engines. Some of the common technical elements that are audited include hosting, server downtime, coding errors, flash, java, site structure, page speed, canonicalization of content, etc. These elements if not corrected can seriously impact the usability of the website which in turn can give a negative impression of your business among your visitors. Technical issues also make it difficult for search engines to crawl and index your website.

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Back links Audit: Links, both internal and external, of your website are inspected. Internal link audit involves review of anchor text, site architecture, broken links, etc. External link audit checks the number of links to your site, their quality, relevancy, acquisition pattern, anchor text, etc. It also checks for broken links, toxic links and the links going out from your website. This audit gives you a clear picture of the issues with the links of your website and helps you avoid Google Penguin penalty.

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